Introducing BOB,the Ultimate Superblender

He chomps through steel drums with ease; his killer rotors pound shredded metal into fist-sized chunks. But in the midst of all this destruction, this muscular Australian also carefully spins, dries and separates. Introducing BOB possibly the meanest blender you could ever own, and also one of the cleanest.

Steel Drum Recovory and Recycling Facility an Australian First

The Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson AM MP, today opened a new drum recovery/recycling system that can safely remove hazardous wastes from steel drum containers and transform them into a high quality alternative fuel for use in the cement making process.

Case Study - Superblender

Sustainable waste transformation company Geocycle has developed Australias first hybrid "superblender" to shred solid hazardous wastes contained in small containers, metal drums or small skips.

Dandenong answers industrial waste problem for Victoria

A Dandenong waste transformation business, Geocycle has developed a $4 million state of the art plant to help Victoria handle hazardous waste and stop thousands of tonnes of waste going to landfill.

Geocycle Winner in the 2010 Victorian Premier's Sustainability Awards

Geocycle SBF Pty Limited is pleased to announce it has been awarded the prestigious 2010 Victorian Premier's Sustainability Award in the Products or Services category for its "Superblender" a new Geocycle plant consisting of a unique system for shredding drums/containers of liquids and solids, blending the wastes into a uniform high viscosity fuel, and recovering washed drum/container metal for recycling.

Megablender increases waste recovery

Geocycle has recently trialled a new resource recovery project that allows previously unprocessable waste to be recycled.

Geocycle Shredder & Superblender Waste Commissioning

Commissioning of the full Shredder/Superblender system with a variety of wastes was completed on the 26/03/09. Further test running on different wastes and packaging types will continue through to around the end of April to gain experience in optimum operation and fine tuning of the system.

Bob the blender fires up waste recovery

What do you call a multimillion dollar machine that can chew through 200L steel barrels of hazardous waste, spitting out clean metal for recycling and an alternative fuel product for use in cement kilns? The answer is BOB - the "big oversize blender" and it has just been switched on at Geocycles Dandenong facility. It will divert an extra 6,000-7,000 tonnes of hazardous material from Melbournes landfills annually.