Attrition Mill - 8 inch

8 inch attrition mill | Multishear Corporation
  • 4" inlet, 4" outlet and an 8" diameter rotor.
  • Double mechanical seal mounted in a stainless steel cartridge with tungsten and silicon carbide faces.
  • RPM ranges from 1,200 to 3,600.
  • Hydraulic power unit maintains flow and back pressure of mechanical seal bearing fluid to ensure long seal life.
  • Attrition disks can be cast from a wide variety of alloys. The attrition zone is self cleaning and will not clog.
  • Gap adjustment system is manually adjusted to regulate particle size and to compensate for wear.
  • Rotor can be operated in clockwise or counter clockwise direction to extend teeth wear.
  • Standard motors operated are from 15 to 30 HP, the machine is ruggedly designed to handle up to 75 HP.
  • Base is designed to be a junk trap with optional rare earth magnets.
  • 4" flange face provided underneath base for optional drain or clean out valve.
  • Optional fine grind ring for smaller particle reduction.

MULTISHEAR SUPER BLENDERS utilize double mechanical seals that are housed in a patented stainless steel cartridge that is easily removed and replaced. The seal cartridge also holds the shaft thrust bearing in place as a means of minimizing shaft length and overhang. The resulting configuration is extremely rigid with virtually no shaft deflection or run out that typically plagues other size reduction equipment. In addition, the SUPERBLENDER equipment is furnished with a seal circulation system which circulates, filters, pressurizes, and cools the seal barrier fluid to provide ideal conditions for an extended seal life.

  • Intermeshing Teeth

    Intermeshing teeth are used to size nominal 1" solids down to a minimum particle size of approximately 1/16". The teeth are cast and hardened to provide maximum wear life. Also, the rotor can be operated in both directions of rotation, thereby wearing both sides of the teeth before replacement becomes necessary.

  • Fine Grind Ring

    The fine grind ring surrounds the rotor and it significantly reduces the particle size produced. It also provides high energy mixing and homoginizing capability.